Traffic ban: Blockade on national roads, ports, airports -300 euros fine for unnecessary travel


Nikos Hardalias announced the doubling of the fine for unnecessary travel.

Mr. Hardalias reiterated the need to protect the countryside and islands, but also the vulnerable groups living there. As he pointed out, any attempt to move creates conditions for the transfer of the virus. Based on this, Mr. Hardalias announced tightening of controls.

From today at 18:00 in the afternoon, the Greek Police starts checks in view of the exit of Easter. Blockades and checks will be carried out at toll booths, airports, national and regional exits. At the same time, the Coast Guard will carry out inspections at all ferry stations and in all ports.

In KTEL and ports, only the movement of permanent residents will be allowed. There will be an exception only for military, health and civil protection officials. “Most of the measures are not new. The majority respects them. The only thing that changes is the tightening of the measures “, clarified Mr. Hardalias.

“Abuse of a permanent residence for leisure purposes will result in a fine of 300 euros and the removal of license plates for 60 days,” he said. Citizen Protection, according to the established information .

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