Traffic ban, day one – 1m sms sent, compliance picture -Critical 10 days

The first day of the traffic ban found the vast majority of citizens to be fully compliant.

The measure is a strict and tough measure, but absolutely necessary to limit the spread of coronavirus. Not only was the fact that citizens stayed home, but also those who had to move followed the instructions, completing the necessary statements or sending a message to 13033. It was therefore perfectly normal for the government to accept the measure. .

Traffic ban: One million sms at 13033
According to the Ministry of Digital Politics, more than 1 million messages were sent yesterday to the five-digit number , with 650,000 of them correct and serving citizens in their journeys, according to a government decision to restrict travel. .

The mobile system, set up from scratch and in extreme secrecy, has worked and is poised to handle even more demands as more and more citizens become familiar. There is also a special response to the volunteer contribution initiative , the fight with the coronavirus, as 5,000 people have already expressed interest in the website

Traffic ban: Further measures in the pandemic drawer
However, executives note that it will take time to evaluate the effectiveness of all measures and the next few days are a barometer. In the government drawer there are other measures and plans to tackle the deadly pandemic, the activation of which, it is stressed, will depend on the recommendations of the competent scientists and on the respect of the citizens of what has already been done.

The issue of flights from France and Germany remains open after all routes to and from Great Britain and Turkey, following yesterday’s disruption to Italy and Spain, which had preceded it. What lies ahead will depend on how the virus spreads to these countries, although there have already been suggestions for freezing these flights.

Prohibition: The next 10 days will be judged by the continuation of the quarantine
The next ten days are decisive. The virus spreading curve will judge whether decisions are made or if more government action is needed.

Plans for the operation of public services with security personnel, closures and other sectors of the economy that are currently underfunded or continue their operations, further restricting movement and strict quarantine of specific areas, are apparently in place, but are currently likely to be avoided. if there is strict adherence to what has been announced and “stay home, protecting ourselves and the coronavirus vulnerable groups,” as officials say.

Cabinet via teleconference
At the expense of confronting the coronavirus and the shadow that the pandemic is spreading, not only in Greece but around the world, the cabinet is meeting today for the first time via teleconference. The only issue on the agenda is obviously the countermeasures and the consequences they cause.

The first speaker will be Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias and Deputy Minister of Civil Protection Nikos Chardalias. The Mr. Kikilias will describe the situation that has developed, will present the latest estimates of scientists for the pandemic spread progress and titanic effort made to support the public health system to cope with the pressure that will accommodate the expected increased incidence. Mr Chardalias is expected to stand in the way of implementation of the restrictive measures and the results of the inspections carried out. After all, it is the one who is responsible for implementing them and monitoring the checks that are made.

Finance Minister Christos Staikouras will report on the impact on the economy and the measures already taken by the government, using around 10 billion euros to support businesses and workers. Of course on Nike Street they know that the crisis will leave deep sores on the economy and soon they will be called on to “get more hares out of the hat” to deal with the impact. It is therefore appropriate preparation for additional support measures, the size of which will depend on the period of shutdown imposed and decisions at EU level.

The Digital Politics Ministry plays a pivotal role in the new era that is violently shaped by the proliferation of the coronation. Kyriakos Pierrakakis is committed to finding “digital solutions” to the problems created by the quarantine and to running the digital transformation of the state at a rapid pace, issues he will present to the cabinet. Prescription medicines are also a solution when citizens’ travel needs to be reduced to the minimum, as well as visits to hospitals and health centers. Now the whole process will be done simply by mobile phone or computer.

On Sunday, the platform will be completed where patients will be able to receive the prescription electronically from their doctor and then go to the pharmacy and take their medication. At the same time, all the digital functions of the State have been put together in one portal, and recently the possibility of electronic submission of a responsible statement and authorization has been added. The Council of Ministers will present how all ministries and their services will be accepted.

Finally, the new function for digital signature of the bills by ministers will be explained, thus speeding up the procedures, especially at this time, where the frequent adoption of Legislative Acts is required, which the entire cabinet must sign.

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