Tragedy in Ethiopia: Greek was saved by a miracle, did not catch the flight

The plane crashed on Sunday morning killing all 157 passengers . The reason forAntonis Mavropoulos, who spoke in the Alpha news bulletin and said two were the reasons why he did not get on the flight.

Mr. Mavropoulos, who is chairman of the World Solid Waste Management Association, went to Nairobi for the UN conference.

“First, my suitcase was with me, so they did not have to wait for me. Secondly, while the previous plane arrived on time, the person in charge would take me to take me on the flight that was leaving, it took me five minutes to go, so I left and did not find me. If I had given my suitcase or if the person in charge found me, I would get on the flight. I reached the door two minutes after it was shut down. I saw them coming in, I had the nerves that they did not let me in, “Mr Maupropoulos said.

“My people took a ticket to leave 3 hours later and told me to board that you could not board because you were the only person who did not board the previous flight that is missing! And they kept me as a possible suspect! But because I had my suitcase together there was no logical connection and after a pseudo-interrogation they left me, “she adds.

He also points out that he lost his acquaintance with the crash of the aircraft, while he closed his communication with a shocking life message. 

In closing, he said, “I want to send many kisses to my wife, my mother and my daughter.”

Passengers heading to Nairobi, Kenya, came from 33 countries, reporting the country’s state network. Among them were eight Chinese nationals.


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