Tragedy in Kalamata: Three women dead by a burst in a tavern

A strong explosion occurred on Saturday night in a Kalamata tavern at the junction of Heroes and Santaroza streets, and while there were staff and patrons.

There were eight firefighters with three vehicles, but three women had already lost their lives.

The explosion occurred at a gas bottle, when, reportedly, the wife of the shop owner tried to change it, so find tragically killed along with two employees.

More specifically, according to the Police, two workers, aged 53 and 46 respectively, are dead, as well as the 53-year-old husband of the owner.

Also, from the explosion of the LPG bottle, the owner of the restaurant, aged 53 years and a worker, 27 years old, was injured.

The wounded have been hospitalized in the Kalamata hospital and are reportedly not afraid of their lives.

Please note that Saturday was a feast day for Kalamata (Ypapanti) and the city was full of visitors.


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