Tragic news from Lesvos this morning – A young child drowned

A young child was found dead by the sea off the coast of Lesvos Airport. The efforts of the Port Authority and the movement of refugees shortly before the tragedy.

When it entered Greek territorial waters and a Coast Guard boat approached, the occupants overturned the boat (a common tactic recommended by traffickers to rescue operations).

The Coast Guard carried out a rescue operation. After painstaking efforts, 46 people were rescued. Two children were taken to the Lesvos hospital, one unconscious. No resuscitation attempts were made. The other child is out of danger.

Meanwhile refugee and migratory flows from the Asia Minor Turkish coast to the islands of the Eastern Aegean and today Clean Monday.

Two boats with about 70 people came out on Chios. While in Samos two more boats with about 50 refugees and immigrants aboard.

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