Tragic News from Skala Young local has died (updated 20:30)

Updated messages on FB from Philips mother 

My beloved child… My friend…. This permanently bright smile and the immense pure love that offered to all, remain indelible and give me courage to continue.. You have lived seemingly happy and fundamentally deeply sorrowful about the injustices and ugliness of our world.. You have not responded to your school aspirations, and your mental balance has been shaken by inability to accept yourself as you were, as a gifted and kind-hearted creature, but outside of the social stereotypes believed to ensure the Success in life… I hope your sacrifice will be an example of avoiding the fragmentation of the personality of children who are not part of a foolish academic system and a mechanistic learning that ignores their individual interests and skills. I’ll think of you smiling in heaven and a part of me travels with you forever. Your mother… Your Zouloudo

We will post no more on this sad event to leave the family to mourn in private BUT

we should all remember the words above and consider the massive unmet needs of mental health both on the island and in the larger world and that all human beings are different and all have something to bring and offer in life.

Reportage // Andreas Arvanitakis

Ended his life on Thursday, July 4, Philip Theophilos, 21, from Skala.

According to information, the young Philip under unspecified conditions between 23:00 and 23:30 in the evening using a cable, was hanged from a tree in the hotel courtyard.

This is a tragic incident that has rocked the society of Skala and the whole island.

Heartfelt condolences to family and relatives.

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