Transcript of the Prime Minster’s address to the nation on 25th March anniversary

A different 25 to March, a different message from the Prime Minister. With the Acropolis behind him and an olive branch appearing on his side, Kyriakos Mitsotakis sent a special message for the national anniversary.

“One is, now, our struggle: to keep Greece strong and the Greeks healthy. The pandemic will cost us. But it will leave us winners and more mature. As steeled as ever to go home again, ”emphasizes Kyriakos Mitsotakis in his message on the national anniversary of March 25th.

The Prime Minister says that the national anniversary this year finds our country in an unprecedented situation. “We don’t celebrate it in streets and squares. But we honor her from our home. With our flags flying high and our thinking in our ancestors’ struggle for freedom. But with the awareness that the enemy, now, is the pandemic. Opposite it today will march on our power and unity. On this front, patriotism of responsibility is judged. And there, in practice, and not in words, is tested social solidarity. Because we are all equal in this battle, “he notes.

“Only united peoples can overcome difficulties. No social building stands without the foundation of Health. And no citizen will be good even if those around him are not good, “notes Kyriakos Mitsotakis, adding that” the same ‘virtue and boldness’ that freedom wanted then requires the struggle today. The faster the small and big battles with the coronavirus are won, the faster the war will be won. We have and will have losses. And our economy will suffer. But it is our duty to reduce pain to a minimum. And to share the cost of adapting to the new economic reality fairly. ”

The Prime Minister today describes doctors and nurses as captains and firemen of today. “Heroes in white and green t-shirts. We have to equip them with life-saving munitions. And to give them strength and wisdom, discipline in their recommendations: We do not move, we stay home! So we are celebrating this year’s national anniversary, “he said.

And he continues: “In 1821 our ancestors united, rose up and liberated their homeland. And the subsequent generations rebuilt it and raised it. Today, her children are watching on other fronts: at the border, in hospitals, in everyday life. To these fellow citizens of the front line, we are addressing the words of our national poet: “Your power is the sea, my will rock”. (…)

And the prime minister concludes his message by saying: “Next year, when this adventure is past, we will be proud to celebrate our two centuries of freedom. Good power, and good luck to all and everyone! ”


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