Travel instruction from the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Greece!


According to the British press, the UK Foreign Ministry issued warnings in the form of travel instructions for a number of countries including Greece, Spain, France and Thailand.

For Greece the cause is the… Mosquitoes! According to the announcement for the British visiting Greece it is emphasised: “Beware of mosquitoes! In 2018 there were many cases of West Nile virus in Greece. You must take protective measures against mosquitoes by using mosquito nets, have closed doors and windows or use mosquito screens. “


For Spain, the Travel directive with regard to Majorca says that British tourists should be cautious when they pass under balconies because they are falling and for Barcelona that demonstrations are being held and there is political unrest.

For France they warn them to be cautious about the yellow vests and the demonstrations they make and for Thailand draw the attention of all British tourists to the possibility of becoming victims of sexual assaults

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