Travel outside the prefecture: The 3 categories of citizens who may travel

The possibility of allowing the transfer from prefecture to prefecture at Easter, is being considered by the government seriously in order to decompress the citizens after the many months of lockdown.

A precondition for making such a decision is a drop or stabilization of epidemiological data, while the tool of self tests may be used for safer movement during the holidays.

The categories of citizens who will be able to travel will be:

  • Those who declare a negative result on the platform of self-diagnostic tests, to receive the relevant certificate which they will show – if requested, to the competent authorities.
  • The possibility of free movement for citizens who have had both doses of the coronavirus vaccine is also being considered.
  • It is also possible that those who have been diagnosed with coronavirus and have been cured may be allowed to move freely.

Government sources say the Easter trips could also be a “rehearsal” for the way the green tourism certificate adopted by the EU works.

The government plan is expected to be formulated by next week while the announcements will be made within Holy Week.

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