Traverso 2019 (Friday Night review) and information for tonight

Friday 19 July, the first night of the 4th Traverso Festival was… grueling! It started with the dynamic presence of the students of angel tkats and continued with the promising Hollie Findlay who is clear that she already has a big fan club and made it even bigger! The Baton was taken by duo karma in a well-made appearance with amazing choices, humor and magical atmosphere, to which the wonderful guest dancers of the Tango mar team! The Drowning in Sand who followed, may be known to the local public but do not cease to surprise us with the constant renewal of both their repertoire and their musical style. The result was to raise the crowd to deliver them to the Les SkartOi thirsty for a lot of dance, while the-Year-old band excited with its rich sound and gave a recital!
If we add to all of this… Ανοιχτή Synéleusē Κεφαλονιάς-Ιθάκης enántia stēn Exóryxē Ydrogonanthrákōn‘s Ανοιχτή Synéleusē Κεφαλονιάς-Ιθάκης enántia stēn Exóryxē Ydrogonanthrákōn, the literally therapeutic participation of Costantinos Stavrianos, the good weather (OK, in the lakḗthra, always keep your bag like Exactly your mom tells you) and above all the amazing cheer of the public, we can say it was an unforgettable evening for everyone!
Stay tuned to your seats – you will be back tonight Saturday July 20th at the second night of the Traverso Festival 2019 that is staggers between the dream Apollo and the party!

Les SkartOi στο Traverso Festival

Gepostet von Κοινωνικό Εργαστήρι Τραβέρσο am Freitag, 19. Juli 2019

Οι Drowning in Sand στη σκηνή του Traverso Festival

Gepostet von Κοινωνικό Εργαστήρι Τραβέρσο am Freitag, 19. Juli 2019

and to prepare for tonight if your going

On the stage of traverso festival this evening, we will try to co-create a project that includes music and poetry.

The project is entitled “Summer night dreams” and will be created live by three musicians who will be on stage and improvise by making musical landscapes, an narrator and the public as poets who will create the lyrics of the poem.

The public includes spectators who will be today Saturday 20 July at the theater of lakḗthras, kefalonia, but also those online, from any point in Greece, on the page of the traverso social workshop and open the live. The project will start around 9:30 but the live will be “broadcast” earlier, shortly after 9 to co-co. When the project starts you will read “the project starts” in the comments of live and those who have the sound on your computer or mobile will listen to the music.

The lyrics should be written in the comments of the live. You can write what you want as long as it starts from the word “I dream”. write your dreams, personally or social, really or fantastic or whatever… we would only ask you to think that children will be in the place. You can still be surprised by a verse written by another guest or heard from the author, fill in or continue.

Practical Instructions for participation

Anyone who wants to participate should enter Good is like (likes) or “follow the page” so you can get a notification when the project starts. However, on this page, the live will be on top and up when it starts.

In Case for any reason you can’t comment via Facebook (e.g. if you don’t have an account) you can send sms to 6976114032 with your verse or lyrics and in the end in parenthesis your name and we will try to promote them in Project. Spectators who will be in the theatre will also be able to use the old-school… paper and pencil. There will be a volunteer who collects the lyrics.

Participate: Eleni Athanasopoúlou (narrated) | Kostas Sphrantzes, Dimitris Smaïlēs, Antonis Papanikolátos (music) | Luke Atanasy (idea, technical realization), the literary group about the th and of course everyone who decides to write lyrics for the project.

Don’t forget: the lyrics should start with the word “dreaming”. tonight let’s dream freely….

source and constant updates at Κοινωνικό Εργαστήρι Τραβέρσο

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