In the heart of summer, it’s time for 4 the  Traverso Festival ! Friday 19, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 July 2019. Daily from 8:30 pm to the grove of Kallithea, Lakithra of course!

About The Festivals

The entrance is free. A bar will be available all day. We take care of the space that hosts us, bring our own improvised ashtrays and throw the rubbish into the right bins, simple and recycle.

If we want to sit down, we bring our cushion for the stands! 


Detailed program


Friday 19 July – 20:30

From Rock to Eternity

Musical Shape “Cyrillic Archangels”

Angelo Tzatz was born in Ukraine where she studied and earned her bachelor’s degree, while she also did piano and vocal lessons. He started working as a conductor in Italy, where he directed church choirs. Later she went to England where she participated in many musical performances and continued her studies in vocal. Performances followed in America and Italy, as well as a successful performance in the Greek opera scene. It has been in Kefalonia for three years. He has taken the direction of the church choir of Argostoli and at the same time he delivers vocal lessons to pupils of all ages.

The students of Nikos Papanastassatos (singing, guitar), Xenia Toumassi (singing) and Anna Milina Prfiti (singing) will perform at the Traverse Festival, performing songs from theater, cinema, as well as the contemporary rock and art music scene.

Hollie Findlay

The very new singer and songwriter Hollie Findlay comes from England but was born in Athens and grew up in Kefalonia. Through the many trips he has made across Europe, he has come into contact with many languages ​​and cultures. Despite her young age, she has released two singles and her first album, Cloud9, and has participated in festivals and events in Greece and abroad. At the festival he will play guitar and sing his own acoustic pop tracks.

For more information on Hollie click here .


Duo  Karma

The music meeting of Spyros Sarantopoulos (guitar, voice) and Nancy Leguitza (voice, yucali) was a matter of time to find her way and get flesh and bone with unexpected adjustments and cover songs from a wide range of world and Greek music. At the festival will be heard original pieces by S. Sarantopoulos, and friends of Duo Karma will participate as guests.


Drowning In Sand 

Drowning In Sand was created in 2015. Today the band consists of Roger Ash (bass), Gareth Hodgson (drums), Maria Dima (voice) and Vassilis Liosato (guitar, voice). The band has made many appearances on the island, one of which was at the first Traverse Festival in 2016. We play our own tracks and cover songs in alternative rock style. We are glad to return to the beautiful grove of Kallithea and the Traverse scene!

To learn more about the band, you can visit their facebook page .


Les Skart The !

Since 2004, a group has fought in a basement in Aigio with the sounds of the Jamaican subculture.

SKA, Rocksteady and Reggae are the meeting place of the orchestra and through the music they express and express the rhythms of the 60’s explosive in the way it was reflected in the small Caribbean island.

“Skartos” aka Les SkartOi! Are not just the revival and reproduction of the influences that have influenced them, but they continue productively the tradition left by the greatest creators of the genre.

All the years of their music, Les SkartOi! they have several concerts and a series of producers with their last album “Twenty Four Hours”.

They have shared the scene with Bad Manners, Thievery Corporation, Lee Perry, The Beat, Symarip, Aggrolites, Manu Chao, and others.

The members of the band are: Drums: Drumystick Rusta-man, Bass / vocals: Alexis Mahairas, Guitar / vocals: Nikos Christodoulopoulos, Hammond / Piano: Yannis Tzolosos, Guitar: Kostas Dim, Trompone: Hector Mercouri, Alto Sax: Spyros Iatropoulos, Vocals / Flute: Anastasia Velissariou

Discography :

Rude Boyz EP (2005)

Ska Radio (2009)

Fighting On The Dancefloor EP (2016)

Twenty Four Hours (2019)

To learn more about the band, you can watch them on  facebook ,  youtube ,  spotify  and  bandcamp .


Saturday, July 20 – 21:00

Couleur InterLocale

Summer Night Dreams – An Interactive Experience

What is the relationship between musical improvisations and theatrical narrative and … messenger? You will discover it, first hand, at the start of the second night of Traverso Festival!

The audience of the festival as well as the remote visitors from Facebook participate with improvised lyrics – summer night dreams, while the musicians live with the sound of the poem that is being created in vivid time. Because every means is exhausted to the extent of our imagination …

Members of the artistic spiral: Kostas Frantzis, Dimitris Smailis, Antonis Papanikolatos, Loukas Athanassiou and the literary group About The .

The Snake of the Fish When They Die: a movie by Vasilis Kekatos

Makis works in a provincial farm. One morning, on his way to his job, he is informed that he died the day before. After some unsuccessful attempts to prove he is alive, he accepts his situation with apathy and decides to spend the last day trying to secure the survival of the two lovers of the canaries until his funeral.

This is the start of the third short film by Vasilis Kekatos, which was filmed entirely in Kefalonia with the participation of many locals in the winter of 2017-18.

Vasilis Kekatos was born in Kefalonia in 1991 and studied filmmaking at the School of Fine Arts at the University of Brunel, London. The film, co-produced in Greece and France, made its world premiere at the 71st International Film Festival in Locarno in 2018 and its American premiere at the Sundance Festival in 2019. It received the Best Film Award of South Eastern Europe at the 41st Greek Drama Film Festival of Drama in 2018 and the 2nd Best Film and Male Performance Awards for Andreas Konstantinou at the 24th Athens International Film Festival “Premiere Nights” in 2018.

He was awarded the “Retrofos” (2014) and the “Zero Star Hotel” (2016) that won the Sundance Film Festival’s “What’s Next?” Short film contest and was awarded a scholarship by the Sundance Institute.

However, the big surprise came very recently, when in May 2019 Vassilis Kekatos won the Golden Phoenix Short Film at the Cannes Film Festival with his film “The Distance Between Heaven and Us”, as well as his young age makes such a prize very important, he is also the first Greek director to make such a success.

In addition, Vasilis Kekatos is the founder and artistic director of the SeaNema Open Air Film Festival, the summer festival that from 2015 to 2018 turned various beaches and other spots of Kefalonia into enchanting summer cinema.

Elements of the film

Director: Vasilis Kekatos, Starring: Konstantinos Andreas, Skasila Angelos, Papaioannou Alexandros, Tavoularis Kostis, K * Alexandra, Photography: Giorgos Valsamis, Sound: Yiannis Antypas, Sets: Eva Goulakou, Editing: Smaro Papaevangelou

Production Year: 2018, Duration: 19 ‘

You can see the trailer by clicking here .

All about All: a film by Marinos Sklavounakis

Michalis has a tavern and is charged to the banks. Andreas, a friend of Michalis, learns that last night he played cards on the island’s money-changer, known as “Karcharia” and lost. The “Shark” organizes illegal poker games and at the same time lends money to his guests. Andreas wants to help his boyfriend, but to do that he has to crack the wounds of his own past. So the only solution is to get a bet …

This is the first short film of Marinos Sklavounakis that was filmed entirely in Kefalonia with the participation of many locals in September 2017.

Marinos Sklavounakis was born in New Zealand in 1973 and grew up in Kefalonia where he lives until today. He has been studying at the Open University of European Civilization, and has a proven expertise in philosophy, psychology and clinical hypnosis. He has also attended Film, Film and Screenwriting courses at the University of Athens. He has done his practice next to Yannis Oikonomidis (Spratokoutos, Little fish, etc.), with whom he works closely.

“All for All” received a remarkable mention at the 41st Greek Drama Short Film Festival in 2018 as well as a Best Short Film Award at the Houston Greek Film Festival 2018 and participated in the 20th Athens International Film Festival “Premiere Nights” in 2018 as well as the TiSFF 2018.

Currently the M.Sklavounakis preparing the two the short film and the documentary “The journey of Odysseus – The Art of Memory”, a musical tour in the Mediterranean region.

In addition, in collaboration with the Traverse Social Workshop, Marinos Sklavounakis has coordinated the four annual cycles of the “Analyzing the Cinematic Language” training course from 2015 to 2019.

Elements of the film

Scenario – Direction: Marinos Sklavounakis

Director Assistant: Eleni Molfetta, Director of Photography: Giorgos Koutsialaris, Photographer Plato: Dimitris Kaioglou, A Camera Assistant: Vaggelis Kasapakis, B Assistant of the camera: Nefeli Athanasaki, Electrician: Damianos Timnyos, Assistant Electrician: Thomas Beretoulis, Sound: Dinos Kittou, Assistant Sound Engineer: Andreas Kittou, Scripti: Anna Patrikiou, Production: Amantes KINSEP, Production Direction: Marinos Sklavounakis, Production Assistant: Friday Sklavounakis, Production Assistant: Dimitris Bouzos, Production Assistant: Vasiliki Fragia, Sets – Maria Dima, Costume Advisor: Marian Parshesi, Assistant Sets and Tutorial: Froso Tzanetatou, Assistant Sets and Tutorial: Georgia Talarou, Makeup: Roula Kouris, Comics: Roula Kouri, Special Effects: Prokopis Vlaseros, Digital Effects: Themis Katsimichas, Pavlos Poloscanin.

Actors: Vassilis Biskikis, Giannis Oikonomidis, Statis Stamoulakatos, Theodoros Kandiliotis, Petros Zervos, Stephanos Ballas, Sofia Galanopoulou, Julia Doriza, Edwards Free, Anastasios Papatheodoropoulos, Lefteris Galanopoulos.

Production Year: 2018, Duration: 30 ‘

You can see the trailer by clicking here

More about the movie on its facebook page . 


Thrax Panc c

What can the traditional Thracian carols have to do with Punk? THURX PANKC started with this question when Giorgos Stavridis (daouli, Thracian lyra, voice) and Vaitsis Harakopidis (gadita, kaval, zournas, voice) were found in 2008 and began to play the songs of the different musical genres they love. With appearances in very different places (weddings, festivals, streets, festivals, etc.) and with their passion for music, Panos Ginch met his improvised jam session with his guitar and now Thrax Pancc is unstoppable! Mixing ingredients from all the music and cultures of the world, they play their music, without the word Panicopyrowsyschedelenia reaching out to describe their sound. The three Thracians with their instruments of bagpipe, lyres, duels, pedals, but also their inexhaustible energy and humor, they pull in on each suspension, leading to a prolific feast as they mix their great love, tradition with the hard sound. No one can sit still when playing THRAC PANKC!

Thrax Pancac with their music of the short film “All About All” by Marinos Sklavounakis, which will be screened earlier in the festival.

To learn more about the Thracian Pankc you can visit the site themselves, on their page in facebook , in soundcloud , in bandcamp and watch their channel on youtube .



Sunday 21 July – 21:00

PAP: Reffenne Self-organized Fair

The most lucid pens and their friends in their annual gathering

Eating for everyone

Drink pure and magical feast!

Alkaios Souyoul (bouzouki), Nikos Anagnostopoulos (piano), Freedom Edwards (singing)

In the last few summers, they meet music on their cherished island, Nikos, Freedom and Alcaeus and play the songs they love and touch. At the festival they will present a representative selection of songs from their favorite composers, with a common place the unique sound resulting from the piano session with the bouzouki.



Gavrilis Simotas (bouzouki), Margarita Boza (guitar), Margarita Tsara-Giannakopoulou (baglamas)

The familiar trio in a tribute to lyricist Alekos Sakellarion. A presentation of songs by the great well-known creator of Greek cinema and not only …


Lambrogiannis Pefanis (violin), Gavrilis Simotas (oudi), Babis Kakaroumbas (scramble), Matina Papageorgiou (singing)

The well-known musicians will present traditional songs from Kefalonia and elsewhere. Known but also less well-known melodies, dance goals, great plays and …. dance well to keep!



We will all come together in a spontaneous, spontaneous and … improvised feast!


Few words about the idea – and the PAP act

Reffenne: an adverb derived from the Persian word arifane and means “with a common contribution”.

Self-organization: anarchical, horizontal way of organizing systems whereby parts of a system work together and contribute as much as they can, without “leaders” and “laborers.” Self-organized systems are by definition dynamic, ie they vary according to external and internal conditions and are adapted at all times appropriately.

Fair: Composite word type, from pnas (all) and from yery (assembly). In essence, that is a general concentration. Since ancient times, the feast has been a festive gathering in honor of a god, and nowadays it may have religious, commercial or even purely cultural content. 

The Referee Self-organized Fair (CRP) recommends it for its three attributes.

A self-organized festival, because fairs have lost the basic features they have been carrying for centuries, as they are now organizing institutions such as local clubs, ecclesiastical councils or merchant organizations. For the realization of the CRA, we have all been involved. Its character is not given, not even established. It is based, obviously, on what we’ve lived and we know about festivals. But it differs in the direction of recreation with a simple and real human face, without impressiveness, without unreasonable, unnecessary costs and without commercialization, since any revenue will be the opportunity to carry out a similar venture next year. The genre, and especially the style of music, is an important concern of the RAP, which has a high musical level of distinguished musicians, while giving the opportunity to introduce young people. There is a lot of effort in the CRA for a satisfactory, at least, aesthetic result, but it is a fact that this often depends on our financial and other potential. How could we overcome, for example, the well-known plastic chairs? Moving on, we’ll find a way for that too!

Reffenne feast, because we bring each one of our pans, put the food on the counter and share them with us, make us creative and bring us closer as participants in the feast. It brings us to the level of responsibility, since we are called to offer our food as part of the whole and move us away from the facilities of the type “well, we talk the souvlaki not eaten”. It saves us money, this does not need to be explained. We only look for the food that we will end up being served easily.

This year’s RAP, like every year, wants to overcome his previous self in terms of organizational details and make us entertain with our soul. Comments and ideas from participants are not just welcome but required! 



Parallel actions

During the three days of the festival, the following will be hosted at the festival:

NO OIL Movement

An informational-participatory “stand” of the Open Convention of Kefalonia-Ithaca against the extraction of hydrocarbons, part of which is also the Social Workshop of Traverso, will allow visitors to the festival to be informed about the content and the dangerous consequences of the hydrocarbon mining in the Ionian Sea , as well as on the nature, actions and objectives of the Open Convention.

To watch the actions of the Open Convention you can visit its facebook page and its channel on youtube . For a comprehensive briefing on the issue of hydrocarbon extraction, you can visit Save Greek Seas .


Therapeutic hair-massage

Ten-minute free chair-massage sessions for visitors by certified experienced therapist Konstantinos Stavrianos. Konstantinos has been working since 2008 with therapeutic massage and has worked in high quality spa hotels and privately in Athens, Santorini and Anafi, while in the last year he has been active in Kefalonia, always with love and caring for man!


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