Traverso Saturday Night – “Realised Summer Night Dreams”

If we wanted to give a general title on the 2nd day of the Traverso Festival 2019, it would probably have to be “Realised Summer Dreams”.

The interactive performance has revealed that poetry is not so much a way to write but more of a way to live, even when playing improvised music, even when you narrate something written by others, even when you write a message. We were impressed – not to say that we were surprised! – the willingness to  participate, both those who were in Kallithea and remote visitors. The atmosphere was really magical and our dreams travelled through papers, keys, cables and satellites to find eagles and a deep and human support.

The cinematic dreams of Vassil Kakatos and Marinos Sklavounakis were immediately unfolded on the screen before a crowd of people who watched them with interest, encouraging them to continue their excellent work.

As for Thrax Pancakes, who were special guests as they have written the music for Marinos Sklavounakis’ All about All, they immediately took care of how they dream of how the Thracian music meets with punk and not only, emptying the stands and bringing them to the … stage at a feast without borders!

The Cinema

The… Summer cinema of traverso festival. The world awarded two award-winning directors who presented their short films: Vasilis Kekátos (Golden Phoenix in Cannes) and marinos sklabounákēs (award in Houston). 

more information on these films some shot in Kefalonia here

Κατακλύστηκε από κόσμο το… θερινό σινεμά του Traverso Festival. Ο κόσμος καταχειροκρότησε δύο βραβευμένους Κεφαλονίτες σκηνοθέτες που παρουσίασαν μικρού μήκους ταινίες τους: Ο Βασίλης Κεκάτος (Χρυσός Φοίνικας στις Κάννες) και ο Μαρίνος Σκλαβουνάκης (βραβείο Κοινού στο Χιούστον).

Gepostet von Κοινωνικό Εργαστήρι Τραβέρσο am Samstag, 20. Juli 2019

Finally, the Dreams of the Open Convention of Kefalonia-Ithaca against the extraction of hydrocarbons in the Ionian Sea have long ceased to show a fright, as the wider social attitude around the issue is more than clear. 

We have to apologize to the visitors who came early and ask for their understanding, as yesterday’s program had high technical requirements and as we all know technology is a devil’s child who puts a tricky trickle! But because experience leads to perfection, we promise to the next festival undertaking that it includes many efforts to be more timely!

The Traverso Festival 2019 closes today with the “traditional” Reffenne Self-organized Fair, also known as the RAP, based on the Everything for All principle. Practically this means “what everyone has been giving,” as Laskaratos said. So, those who have baby boomers and a messenger in their garden will bring them to us, and those who do it in the heart will play from all the mercy of this world, and those who have fun in their hearts will come out dancing.

The only thing that is mandatory and non-negotiable for everyone is the willingness to share! We are waiting for you this Sunday, July 21, in Lakithra with the love of your hands and above all of your heart, for the most energetic festival of the year!

Traverse Social Workshop

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