A three-day open festival with a complex programme is not possible to take place if not many and in many ways help. For the implementation of the Traverso Festival 2019, the following, we would like to thank and hope to be given more opportunities for cooperation in the future!

Nini Baltsavia for the art of poster and creative services for editing the paper
Panaiotis Agathos for the art of the graffiti of the entrance that is our “gift” in the space that hosts us every year
Marinos Sklavounakis for his multifaceted and timeless support in the whole festival
Primary municipal apartment and kedēke for support with basic equipment and infrastructure. Also the residents of kallithea who have hug the festival from the beginning and are patient with the fuss until the festival days.
Island Sounds to support sound and image
Our sponsors for their financial assistance and their help in kind
The media that presented the festival and especially our sponsors Kiss FM 100.6-Kefaloniatetarto and Κεφαλονίτικα Néa for the detailed and systematic screening
Ανοιχτή Synéleusē Κεφαλονιάς-Ιθάκης enántia stēn Exóryxē Ydrogonanthrákōn, who, with her careful presence in the area, made the visitors aware of an issue that we consider to be important and urgent.
The volunteers who worked before, during and after the end of the festival for their willingness but also for their valuable help. We also thank the people who helped us with equipment and ideas.
Those who participated on stage, on screen and parallel actions, as they are the backbone of the festival and supported it with their soul
And of course all of you who hug the festival, who came to kallithea and shared with us this little miracle in the heart of the summer!

source – Κοινωνικό Εργαστήρι Τραβέρσο

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