Travlos: In 2021, the work of the Marina at Skala begins

In the show of the journalist Sakis Voutou in the Ionian Galaxy, the Deputy Regional Governor Stavros Travlos spoke:

  1. A representative of MOMKA (Army) is coming for the collapsed bridge tomorrow for an inspection in order to determine if a military bridge can be installed
  2. Our prefecture needs 115,000,000 euros in studies & projects for the restoration by IANOS. The requests have already been sent and we hope to get as much as we can
  3. After Adraki, the next dangerous turn that will be made on the Argostoli-Poros road is in the cemetery in Vlachata
  4. The forgotten project is the Marina of Skala. There was a meeting today with the Mayor and officials from the Ministries, the study was found and will be updated soon. In 2021 there will be a contractor and the project will start which will give great development in the area of ​​Skala-Poros
  5. The study for the port of Pessada that will be financed by the Region is also updated

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