The spectacle of cutting the palm trees in the Rizospaston caused the regret of the inhabitants of Argostoli, as a historic road, a landmark of the city, is now a thing of the past. As is widely known, the cause of palm destruction is the well-known red beetle.

From the Municipal Authority, they claim that there was no room for salvation and that those who criticize do so because they do not want the regeneration works.

At the same time, they argue that they have applied all the international protocols and underline that the problem exists in other Greek cities as well as abroad.

The question is not focused on whether it was right to cut them to the point we arrived, rightly cut them, but as to whether they could have been saved.

We addressed the “Doctors of Phoenix” group, which is widely active in Kefalonia with the salvation of palm trees.

Anastasios Barbargiris, an agronomist at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, representing the group, was a vassal against the Municipal Authority, which he accused of failing to address the issue.

At the same time, he raised the issue of the absence of an organized green section, criticizing the replacement of palm trees with coconut trees, the vegetation of which will not fill the large gap he creates.

At the same time, he announced the action plan proposed a few years ago to address the issue. Barbarry’s welcome opinion would be the counter-argument for citizens to form a comprehensive view of the issue.

Analytically what he said to us: “Unfortunately, we have reached the point where the palisade is being removed, since the Municipal Authority left the palm trees destroyed by the beetle in 2018. It is no coincidence that most of the palm trees were lost in 2018, before rebuilding, part of the palm grove. The negligence led the palm trees to necrosis and forced rooting.

The truth is that the treatment of the beetle is a long struggle that the Municipal Authority can not cope with. Without a green section, staffed by experienced scientific staff, the beetle is not treated.

The point is that coconut trees that will replace palm trees are poor in vegetation to fill the palm gap on a wide road, such as the Palm Tree. Someone already lost a coconut in the port of Argostoli and the rest in the port are yellowish.

Just the Palm Tree was a jewel for Argostoli and the Municipal Authority did not give a single fight to win the war. The easy excuse was that, as in the rest of Greece, they do not manage with the beetle, we are covered if we lose the palm trees.

Υπάρχουν Δήμοι, με οργανωμένο Τμήμα Πρασίνου που έχουν ελέγξει τον πληθυσμό των σκαθαριών και με ελάχιστες επεμβάσεις έσωσαν τους φοίνικές τους. Στο Αργοστόλι το αφήσαμε να πολλαπλασιάζεται ελεύθερα.

When in December 2014, at the initiative of Mr. Valletta, I had a meeting with the Mayor about the beetle and informed him that two mass sprays should be made on all the palm trees in Argostoli to control the population of beetles, the Mayor informed me that we can not fight on 3,000 palm trees in Argostoli, which is unrealistically inflated for Argostoli. So they chose to protect 105 palm trees for one year and without continuity. The result is that they made a hole in the water, because when the forest burns, your home will be burned. Eventually we reached a palm grove in 2018, at the mercy of the beetle, to make it unnecessary to wreck the Palm Tree. “

The Action Plan proposed: 21 October 2014 Action Plan for Argostoli, because until the summer there will be no palm trees in Argostoli at the pace of the problem. ACTION PLAN FOR THE SAVINGS OF THE FLOORS OF ARGOSTOLI 1) General record of the palm trees of the city and the size of the attack. 2) Cleansing the rotten logs and dry branches, the most afflicted palm trees 3) Chemical control of the palm enemies (beetle-butterfly) in the most afflicted. 4) Apply paste to cuts to avoid re-attack. 5) Organization of general spraying of all the palm trees of Argostoli, for 2-3 days. 6) Within 20-25 days, 2nd general spraying of 2-3 days. Spraying should be done by shaking the palm of his heart, with the medicine covering 2/3 of the trunk 7) Monthly check for the course of palm health. The problem with the palm trees in Argostoli must be dealt with globally and not individually in specific palm trees or areas, only so it will be solved.