TripAdvisor: Kefalonia eight best vacation destination in Greece for 2019

Fourth best destination in the world for 2019 is Crete, according to the reviews of millions of travelers from around the world, as reflected in the Travelers’ Choice Awards of TripAdvisor.

The prize-winning destinations came out after an algorithm based on reviews and reviews of hotels, restaurants and experiences on destinations around the world over the past 12 months. The methodology includes assessing the quality and volume of reviews in order to highlight destinations that systematically offer the best experience to travelers.

London, Paris and Rome are the top three destinations in the world this year, based on the preferences of the platform users, which is a basic source of inspiration for holidaymakers and activities.

In the European ranking of destinations, following the 4th place occupied by Crete, followed by Santorini, which is one of the 11 most popular destinations in the continent, followed by Rhodes in 13th place in Europe.

Within the country, the top 10 destinations for 2019 are highlighted, among which Athens is also showing, as all the rest of the island are famous for famous Greek islands.

See the top ten …

1. Crete

2. Santorini

3. Rhodes

4. Corfu

5. Mykonos

6. Athens

7. Zakynthos

8. Cephalonia

9. Kos

10. Naxos


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