TripAdvisor: New travel information features regarding resort and country safety

67% of travelers report that safety at one destination is of greatest importance to them, while for many women, members of the LGBTQ + community, and people with disabilities, information on safety at destination is a matter of life and death, according to with recent research.

As Lindsay Nelson, the TripAdvisor Experience Adviser, as part of the Platform’s commitment to providing better access to information on destination safety, given the difficulty of finding it on the web, Lindsay Nelson presents new features that make it easy to identify criticisms that include safety-related reports.

In this process, the platform will include information from its global travel community, businesses and tourist destinations.

Thus, travelers from all over the world will be able to use the following functions …

Filter traveler security | Allows easier reviewing in 28 languages ​​available on TripAdvisor:

– Criticisms published last year regarding sexual abuse or harassment by business employees, with reviews of other security categories on a systematic basis.

-All new reviews about security issues such as sexual abuse, death, drugs, sex trafficking, robberies and attacks.

Notify any criticism with security content | A notification will appear at the top of each review that includes security information to help travelers separate from the rest of the reviews.

In addition, the platform encourages business owners to use the Management Response function to publicly communicate their actions to deal with security-related incidents.

In the coming months, Mrs Nelson says, an extensive survey will be conducted on platform users to understand what features offer them the greatest holiday benefits. The platform will also work with the global tourism industry to bring security as a basic human expectation for travel.


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