Tselentis Letter to New Mayors: Check out the schools


An open letter to the new Mayors after the second round of elections was sent by Professor of Seismology and Director of Geodynamic Institute, Mr. Akis Tselentis.

Mr Tselentis, a former MEP candidate, made this move after the latest ever more frequent revelations about school buildings left unconscious and in poor condition, and can become traps for students in a possible seismic vibration as well as other problematic infrastructure in the country.

In the letter sent to 365 young Panhellenic Mayors, independent party support, Mr. Tselentis urges them that the first task of their mandate is the control of their schools by the engineers of the Technical Services of their Municipality. Something perfectly feasible and cost-free with huge benefits for child safety.

The letter is as follows:

“Dear Messrs. Mayors

First of all congratulations on your election. I hope your term is constructive and worthy of your voters’ expectations.

You will allow me an intervention now at the beginning of your new term, since I say that I am not interested in the party formation with which you have been elected. As you may know, I was a candidate for MEPs with New Democracy. Flag of my campaign was Civil Protection. I was not elected but that does not stop my interest. As an expert on this issue, I know that in the field of civil protection we suffer as a country. We are essentially immune to natural disasters, whether they are earthquakes, fires, or floods. Schools with severe structural damages, public buildings abandoned, forests neglected, streams weathered etc. And the results we experienced in Mandra, in Mati, in schools that suffered damage from earthquakes and fortunately at that time there were no children.

I know and I am sure that the purpose you have taken over your municipality is to offer your citizens. For this reason as an expert I suggest you start your term with a cost-effective project that will save lives.

Your technical services have engineers. Build a staircase and once a week check buildings. Get started from your schools that are in immediate need. Show from the outset that citizens have rightly trusted you.

I am at your disposal for any help.

Akis Tselentis

Professor of Seismology

Director of Geodynamic Institute

source – patrasnews.gr

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