Tsiodras… clear – We have to wear masks (specific guidelines for use detailed, video to follow later)


The recommendations of the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention for the use of a fabric mask are fully adopted by the Committee of Infectious Diseases of EODY, as announced on Thursday, 23.04.2020, by the representative of the Ministry of Health for coronavirus , Mr. Sotiris Tsiodras .

Speaking during standard information on the spread of coronavirus in Greece, Professor Tsiodras noted that “this is the final position of the European CDC (the European KEELPNO) regarding the use of tissue masks. ».

In particular, the infectious disease specialist of the Ministry of Health noted that the use of a fabric mask is recommended in areas where there is high congestion and indoors, such as public transport, supermarkets and pharmacies.

“The mask should not be used outdoors”, he stressed and as he said, in the coming days a special communication strategy will be developed and citizens will be given detailed instructions in order to be informed about the proper use of these masks and not to give a false sense of security.

However, he clarified some ways for more correct use.

Specifically, Mr. Tsiodras underlined that it must:

– Wash your hands before applying the mask, but also before removing, either with soap and water, or antiseptic with a solution.
– To cover all sensitive parts of the face, ie the nose and mouth.
– If it is disposable, it should be carefully removed and it should end up in the trash.
– If it can be used again (like fabric ones), wash at 60 degrees Celsius.

In addition, he stressed that there should be no false sense of security, but that all necessary measures should be taken. He also said that it was a complementary means of eliminating the opportunities for the spread of coronary heart disease and not the main way to deal with the pandemic.

source -newsit.gr

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