Tsiodras: The next 15 days are critical for controlling the epidemic


The next two weeks are crucial

Sotiris Tsiodras described the next 15 days as critical for controlling the epidemic, and said: If we voluntarily reduce our many contacts, our gatherings in crowded places, we will have less risk of re-ignition and widespread dispersion from Monday when the contacts will increase “.

It is important to remain vigilant and to diagnose new cases in time with increased laboratory testing and immediate intervention by tracking contacts from new cases, he said.

“We still do not have all the answers, we will continue to monitor the picture of the disease every day and if we need to intervene, we will intervene to control the epidemic” before it takes on dimensions, stressed S. Tsiodras.

Asked what would determine a new lockdown, he said it would be the active production number of R “which is currently well below 1”, as he explained and added that other indicators would be used along the way to assess the epidemic, which are related to the strengths of the Health system.

Good news for hypertensives who need to continue taking their medications normally

Sotiris Tsiodras made a special reference to hypertensive patients, emphasizing that antihypertensive drugs do not increase the chance of infection and serious coronary heart disease, according to a series of studies published in one of the most authoritative scientific journals, the New England Journal of Medicine.

According to him, “large categories of antihypertensive drugs used not only to lower blood pressure, but also by diabetic patients to protect their kidney function” were under the microscope of scientists, as it was initially given the impression that those who use them, they could be more prone to the disease and more susceptible to COVID infection 19. “There was no difference in the likelihood but also in the severity of the disease in those taking antihypertensive drugs than in those who did not. They were relieved, and this is a relief for patients with hypertension that I had been bothered by, “said Mr Tsiodras.

S. Tsiodras also referred to the positive news regarding the substance remdesivir, the drug approved in the United States for intravenous administration once a day for 10 days, in patients with coronavirus.

As the professor explained, “there is no official approval for any of the drugs,” but they are all given under special conditions around the world, as some seem to help treat those who are ill. Regarding the specific preparation, he said that “there are data that show that patients who receive it seem to recover by 30% earlier”.

Finally, Mr. Tsiodras also referred to another study on low levels of vitamin D found in those who are more seriously ill with coronavirus. He said people “can control their vitamin D levels now that we’re back to normal” and added that “the right levels of this vitamin help with many parameters of viral respiratory infections.”

source – kathimerini.gr

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