Tsipras in Lefkada To Open New Hospital

Alexis Tsipras inaugurated the new hospital in Lefkada, he said … public bravo to Andrea Xanto and Paul Paulis, while the attendees deposited him, with one of them going the whole question of … requests one step further!

“We have been through a difficult period in which we have not always been able to make the decisions We have taken a country bankrupt and a society looted,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said at the inauguration of the new hospital in Lefkada .

Where a crowd of people welcomed him and while we are in a pre-election period, we heard the demands … with one of them, however, being somewhat special!

” You are more beautiful than on television, ” one shouted to Mr. Tsipras while he was on the pitch. ” Hello Alexis Prime Minister, ” he went on to say: “You were the hospital and a stadium at Panatha “! The prime minister interrupted his speech laughing to answer him: “It is good our works. It is nice to try to give a breath to the many. “

Tsipras and the … iconic Ionian

“From here on the Ionian Islands we gave in August 2018 the message that the country is turning its page and we can freely design ourselves the next day,” the prime minister continued, saying: “We have a vision and a plan to rebuild the welfare state, the health system for the many, for whom we have an obligation to work. “

Mr. Tsipras, speaking to the citizens gathered outside the new hospital in Lefkada, also referred to the name that he said by saying that “we accepted a request from the social actors of the island to call the new hospital” Xenofon Gregoris “. He was the doctor who served the place with selflessness and with dedication he was the support of those who needed it. After the invasion of the Nazis he developed strong resistance from the position of the secretary of EAM Lefkada. It was imprisoned by the occupying state and the post-state state. He was elected MP with the EDA in 1963 and 1964 and during the dictatorship he was exiled.

He loved Lefkada either by fighting against the conqueror or by wearing the cuffs of intolerance. He dedicated his life to the many. “

We gave, in adverse circumstances, a great fight to revive the public health system

“I am glad that I can start as a Prime Minister a state-of-the-art hospital that is worth the struggles of the Lefkada people, a gem for the wider region. He, in adverse conditions, a great battle to resurrect the public health system, “said the prime minister.

“There was a perception that the market will decide who will live and who will die,” he continued, adding: “We believe that the supreme good is life.”

The open doors of hospitals

He also said that “we opened the doors of hospitals to our 2.5 million uninsured fellow citizens” and stressed: “We made a very difficult primacy in adverse conditions. Our projects are beautiful not our faces. Our work is good and our effort to give a breath to the many. “

The prime minister also said in the lecture that “Lefkada is an island of struggle for the freedom that has often been conquered but never lost its Greekness to the forefront of resistance and democratic struggle.”

We drove out of the Temple of Health the mice that raked the money

At another point in his address addressed to the Metropolitan of Lefkada, Theofilos Manolato, Mr. Tsipras said: “We did it by stopping the party in the field of Health and corruption. Our own ideology is much closer than what many big crosses are doing and doing. “

“We expelled from the sanctuary of Health the mice that raked the funds so that the people can not have equal access to the Health system,” the prime minister said, adding that over the next 4 years we will have 2,500 recruitments each year in the healthcare sector, and “Karpathos and Chalkis hospitals will be ready in a few days”.

“I want to say a public bracelet to the political leadership of the Ministry of Health, Mr Xanthos and Mr Polakis, because they have managed to make our vision of a better public health better for the people,” he said.

With him, Beyta Baziana

The Prime Minister who arrived together with his wife, Mrs. Baziana, welcomed residents of Lefkada, who formed a gathering in the courtyard of the hospital, where the inauguration ceremony took place and not the interior of the building as planned.

The gathered people offered him flowers, warmly applauded him and the Prime Minister welcomed several of them.

The new hospital in Lefkada has 123 beds, including 6 in the Intensive Care Unit.

The prime minister compared the situation in the old hospital before his government took over and said, in 2025 he had 19 specialized doctors and today he is 40. The births that had dropped to only 2 per year reached 40 in 2018.

The Prime Minister called on citizens to judge and compare the current and past governmental health care processes.

Immediately after the opening ceremony, Mr. Tsipras traveled to the state-of-the-art hospital.

In addition to Health Minister Andrea Xantho and Deputy Minister Paulo Polakis, the Ministers of National Defense Evangelos Apostolakis, Citizen Protection Olga Gerovassilis and Deputy Minister of Labor Kostas Barkas attended the inauguration.

After the inauguration, Mr. Tsipras moved to the city of Lefkada where he walked to the center. During his tour, he talked to shopkeepers, patrons and passers-by who took their ride at that time.

“Lefkada voted Tsipra,” one of them said, several were photographed with him, and shopkeepers came to the entrances of their shops and offered him local dishes.

Source of photos: Γ.Τ. Prime Minister  Andrea Bonetti and newsit.gr

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