TUI: 10-point plan for safe accommodation in its hotels


TUI has announced a 10-point plan for the reopening of hotels.

The measures are aimed at safe and happy holidays with high standards of hygiene for the coronavirus, as well as organizational changes and capacity planning. The plan also includes intensive training of employees.

The new standards will be introduced not only in the hotel brands that belong to the group, such as TUI Blue, Robinson and TUI Magic Life, but also in cooperating hotels either through joint ventures or contracts. 

They are part of a wider package of measures that cover all of the tour operator’s services, visits to travel agencies for flights and transfers, hotel accommodation, excursions and cruises.

The points of the plan are…

Hotel organization

1. Online check-in: Tourists will be able to check-in at many hotels around the world through their online hotel page or mobile phone. Thus, the check-in will be largely without contact.

2. Distance control: All employees of the hotel will apply distances of 1.5 to 2 meters from each other and from visitors to public places such as restaurants, gyms, etc. 

3. Personal planning: The hotel staff will work in fixed groups to be able to manage any contamination chains.

4. Restaurants: The capacity of restaurants will be significantly reduced. The tables will be placed at a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from each other. This will reduce the number of visitors to them.

5. Extension of opening hours: In order to offer services to all guests, the opening hours of restaurants and other hotel services are extended.

6. Entertainment and activities: Events, sports and entertainment services will be offered to a small number of participants with safety distances. For example, golf and tennis will be sports that can be done, but not football championships. The list of spas and childcare is tailored to the destinations and countries of origin of tourists. 

Hygiene and Disinfection

7.  Disinfection: The number of disinfectants is increasing in hotels so that guests and staff, in all major contact areas with other people, will be able to disinfect their hands. The places that will be placed are in places of food and drink, in the sports facilities and in the lobby.

8. Cleanliness: All rooms will be cleaned with special detergents before the arrival of visitors, limiting the possibility of coronavirus transmission. Particular attention will be paid to the daily habits of visitors such as the use of the TV remote control, the bathroom surfaces and the bedside tables. 

9. Better room services, less self-service: Food and drink will be served, where possible, by masked workers. The buffet will be used less.

Extensive training program

10. Training by independent auditors: TUI will offer training to all its employees in its hotels, starting this week.

These measures will be introduced beyond the legal requirements of each destination. The hotels that work with TUI will have equally high security standards in place, which have been set up in collaboration with leading healthcare companies and will be accompanied by staff training.


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