Turining tides – Documentary in English about the removal of old fish farms in Ithaca (video)

Turning Tides
A documentary produced by the BBC about one of the greatest clean ups ever by an environmental organization.
We may not have tides in Ithaca but what you’ll see was a great turn of the island’s environmental history.
For us it was the most important thing we have done this past summer and perhaps the most important thing ever for our island.
Aside from the leisure diving and boat and kayaking excursions at Odyssey Outdoor Activities-Ithaca, Greece we tried to do something to solve perhaps the biggest environmental problem Ithaca has ever had, abandoned fish farms in Makari Punta.
On our difficult path we had the fortune to know Veronika Mikos Mikos of Healthy Seas and Pascal van Erp of Ghost Diving who coordinated this miracle for global data.
With them a group of 20 divers, the environmental organization Enaleia and a crowd of volunteers we all reached 50 people.
Within 6 months of the first meeting we ended up at the site in June 2021 cleaning a land and sea area which over the years has been a grey area for visitors and local residents of Ithaca.
Well worth watching the documentary and recognizing all of us locals the offer and love shown for our island these people who came here for such a great cause.
— > Our hand is to never allow a similar disaster ever again. < —

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