Turtle released from fishing lines between Kefalonia & Ithaca

Today we managed to rescue a sea turtle just before our afternoon dive.
Fortunately we spotted the turtle and initially we were thinking it is already dead.
When we approached the turtle, it started moving and we saw the longline fishing equipment around the left front fin and the turtle was exhausted.
After a few minutes of cutting the lines the turtle was free to go but seriously injured. We hope it will survive..!
Unfortunately many fishermen see the sea as their bin and they throw away plastic fishing lines and dangerous hooks. You can clearly see what’s happening with those “ghost” lines. Some of the fishermen instead of spending 5 minutes to release the turtles they just cut the whole line.
It looks like wildlife and fishing cannot coexist. We need to choose if we ll protect the sea with any cost or if we ll empty the sea soon…

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