Twenty million euros in municipalities for shelters of stray animals

The program shall be implemented by 31 December 2020.

The invitation is triggered by the decision of the Minister of the Interior, Alexis Charitsis, and concerns the financing of the municipalities and their legal entities for the “Construction, repair, maintenance and equipment of pet pet shelter facilities”. The aim is to upgrade these existing infrastructures, as well as to create new, modern, functional, environmentally friendly and accessible to the public, hosting structures, as required by the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Companions.

Modern infrastructure

“With this Program, the municipalities of the whole country acquire for the first time modern infrastructure for the hospitality and protection of stray pet animals, in accordance with the European rules and practices, as well as in accordance with our values ​​and culture. The welfare of our little friends is a moral duty and a social imperative, “Charitsis said.

According to the call, the construction of a shelter for stray pet animals consists of the fundamental construction, the formation and repair of existing structures, and the addition of building facilities to an existing shelter facility. Regarding the repair and maintenance of existing municipal shelters, interventions aimed at upgrading, ie roof and floor replacement, reinforcement of the insulation of buildings can be made to ensure protection against extreme weather conditions, the construction of small animals , the installation of automatic feeders and pots, the equipment for preparing food and cleaning pots and spaces, extending the shelter by repairing existing facilities, improving the manufacturing site and food storage.

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