Two dead from West Nile virus

Two people have died in our country from West Nile virus, according to the National Epidemic Surveillance Weekly Epidemiological Surveillance Report.

These are two elderly, over 80 years old who died as a result of the virus infection.

In particular, 25 epidemics of West Nile virus infection have been diagnosed and investigated in Greece since the beginning of epidemic surveillance until today 1st August, 17 of which have been reported by the Central Nervous System (CNS, encephalitis and / or meningitis). and / or acute loose paralysis) and 8 had mild manifestations (febrile illness) / no CNS events. The median age of patients with CNS events is 77 years.

Of the 25 patients, 10 were hospitalized (4 in ICUs and 6 in regular beds), and 12 were discharged.

The areas that have been recorded cases of West Nile virus are the counties: Pieria, Katerini, Pella Pella, Xanthi, Kavala, Larissa, Karditsa as well as in East Attica and the Mediterranean.

It is worth noting that Greece is one of the first countries to have outbreaks of West Nile virus infection this year. According to the EODY, cases have also been reported in Romania.

How to protect yourself from the West Nile virus

EODY recommends that individual mosquito protection measures be adhered to throughout the territory throughout their circulation. Indicatively, it is recommended to wear appropriate clothing that covers the body as much as possible (long sleeves and trousers, pale and loose clothing) and to use insect repellent on naked skin and above the clothing, if approved in the country. Other EODY protection measures are frequent showers to remove mosquito-repellent perspiration, mosquito netting especially in cribs, use of door screens and home windows, fan or air conditioner, household insect repellent and any remove stagnant water such as flower pots etc.

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