Two Delta Mutation confirmed in Kefalonia up to 12 July and no Beta

The new data regarding the Delta mutation in our country cause concern . As announced by EODY , from June 17, 2021 to July 12, 2021, from the control of 856 samples, a total of 760 samples with variants of special interest (Variants Of Concern – VOC) and 69 samples with strains under surveillance (Variants Under Monitoring) emerged. .

Of the 760 samples with strains of special interest, 466 relate to the Delta strain, 200 relate to Alpha, 93 relate to Beta and 1 relate to Gamma.

The dispersion of cases

Of the 69 samples with strains under monitoring, all relate to strain B.1.1.318 (Variant E484K) (Table 3). Since the launch of the National Network of Genomic Surveillance of the SARS-CoV-2 virus until today, a total of 22,656 samples of domestic cases have been tested in the country.

Of these, 19,323 come from random sample selection, 2,572 come from targeted sampling or sample selection, and for 761 samples the selection method is not available. Among the 19,323 randomly selected samples in the territory, the four most common strains of special interest or under surveillance that have been isolated are Alpha, at 75.60%, followed by B.1.1.318 (Variant E484K) at 11.15 %, Delta at 1.55% and Beta at 0.71% (Table 4).

The evolution over time of the relative frequency of randomly sampled samples by species species is shown in Figure 9 up to and including week 26, with additional provisional data for weeks 27-28 being provided. Of the 2,572 samples taken or selected in a targeted manner, 2,410 strains of special interest or under observation have been found.

Of these samples, 50.19% relate to B.1.1.318 (Variant E484K), 19.98% to Delta, 16.49% to Alpha, 6.80% to Beta, 0.16% to C.36 and 0.08% in Gamma. In addition, a total of 171 strains of special interest or under surveillance or interest have been isolated from samples of imported cases, of which 109 relate to Alpha, 47 to Delta, 5 to Beta, 4 to B.1.1.318 (Variant E484K), 2 to B .1.621 (VOI), 1 in Kappa, 1 in Eta, 1 in C.36, 1 in B.1.623.

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