Two fires areas earlier this afternoon in Kefalonia (Five Fires!)

The island of Kefalonia is in a fiery ravine, with five simultaneous fireplaces making their appearance within minutes, in Thinia and Lagada.

Fire at Thinia Petrikata

According to Andrea Rizo, the Ionian’s regional fire chief, the island of Kefalonia has been on alert since 13:30. At Thinia, 5 fire engines with 12 firefighters are operating at this time, while a continuous Erikson fire helicopter and two Pettetel planes are constantly pumping from the air.

Reportedly, the two fireplaces were 700 meters apart.

Picture Source -FB post of Karron Remountos

Fire in the area of ​​Langada.

In the area of ​​Langada, the situation is under some control and efforts are being made to delineate the three outbreaks. There are 4 vehicles with 8 firefighters on the spot. It is noted that the fires that occurred did not endanger residential areas.


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