Two Juveniles were arrested for theft in Kefalonia


Corfu, 24 March 2020


Two juvenile nationals were arrested for theft in Kefalonia

Two juvenile nationals of the Argostoli Security Department were arrested yesterday afternoon (23-03-2020) in connection with the theft offense.

In particular, as revealed by the police investigation, the juveniles, in the early hours of yesterday, broke into a parked bus at the Argostoli Bus Station and removed the (90) euro cash.

The investigation revealed that the minors were involved in yet another theft, in the early hours of Sunday (22-03-2020), where they breached the canteen door at a school in Argostoli and removed the sum of (50) euros.

In the course of investigating the case, the father of one minor was arrested for negligent supervision.

The detainees were led to the Kefalonia Criminal Prosecutor.

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