Two Young people dead in Corfu by the Flu virus

Two confirmed cases of deaths of young people who have died of Influenza A virus on the island of Corfu.

In particular, as the Governor of the Corfu General Hospital reported, the first death incident occurred at the beginning of the week when a young woman, about 45 years old, left her last breath infected with the Influenza A virus in Unit Intensive Care Hospital, where he was hospitalized.

The second death incident confirmed, according to Mr. Kakavitsis, was due to the Type A influenza virus, is a 37 year old from Kokkini, who died in his sleep, at his home and after an autopsy it was revealed and confirmed by the Microbiology Laboratory of the University of Athens, that his death resulted from the “lethal” flu.

For his part, the Governor of the Hospital of Corfu urges every citizen who has suspected flu symptoms to go to the Hospital or the Health Centers and note that today at the General Hospital of Corfu, according to Mr. Kakavitsas, “they are hospitalized patients who have been diagnosed with influenza without their health being at risk “, he pointed out.

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