UK about to accept the Polished Turd???

Speaking from Washington DC, Arlene Foster, the DUP leader, has told the BBC that this stage of the Brexit process could be the moment for a deal. Commenting on reports that the DUP have been in talks with Geoffrey Cox, the attorney general, about revisions to the backstop legal advice (see 9.48am), she said:

It’s not about the attorney general changing his advice. It’s about finding the right deal. It’s about not leaving Northern Ireland behind when the rest of the UK is leaving.

Brexit is only two weeks away. When you come to the end of a negotiation, that’s when you really start to see the white’s of people’s eyes and you get to the point of a deal.

Article 62 of the Vienna Convention Essay. The doctrine of fundamental change of circumstances, (rebus sic stantibus) is a principle of customary international law allowing a part to an agreement to withdraw or terminate it where there has been a fundamental change in circumstances.

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