Ukraine appeal from Kefalonia update from Kosta (pictures)

I feel the need to say a big thank you for the great participation and response to the effort to help our fellow human beings, who suddenly found themselves in the vortex of war.
I was honoured by your kind words and I reciprocate to everyone involved as they are just as important.
Our report..Within 6 days
10 pallets were collected with medical supplies Essential items for babies (creams, milk, diapers, baby wipes, etc.), long-lasting food 
6 pallets with clothing, sleeping bag, clothes, etc.
Because the big question from many was how will everything will be delivered?
I can assure you that after many phone calls we found the safest solution.
All aid will be delivered by LYKOUDIS Transport (which undertook the transport free of charge) to the Peace and Friendship Stadium (The Peace and Friendship Stadium is an indoor stadium owned by the Greek State located in  Piraeus) where the collection of humanitarian aid from all over Greece takes place. 
The Ukrainian Embassy in Athens is responsible for the receipt and prompt delivery. 
There is a large participation of volunteers.
Your kindness, solidarity and humanity will travel to Ukraine and give them warmth and great hope in this difficult time.
The effort in our Kefalonia continues and the collection of aid takes place in the building of the Region on the First floor.
Finally, a very big thank you to the volunteers from the UK and Ukraine who spent many hours in Andromeda to properly collect, separate and package the help you offered.

Yours sincerely
Costas Minetos

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