Unconscious Swimmer rescued from water at Myrtos yesterday afternoon

According to information yesterday afternoon a 27-Year-old tourist was reportedly at risk of drowning in the beach of Mýrtos.

While swimming with her friend, she was dragged into deep water and hit by a wave, resulting in losing consciousness.

 As soon as the bathers realised what had happened they brought her to the shore. Fortunately, there was a doctor on the beach where he gave her first aid. 

The EKAB (ambulance service) was immediately notified that carried the woman to the General Hospital of Argostoli, and her health is now fine.

On this occasion there was no serious outcome BUT the issue of the lack of lifeguards in Myrtos comes back to the surface.

On a long beach that needs not only one, but two lifeguards!

Source -FB post of Spiros Sakalis

Reminder – Myrtos is a dangerous beach for swimming and drops off very steeply meaning you are in deep water very close to the shoreline there are also at times dangerous undercurrents that can drag you out to sea. It really is only suitable for strong experienced swimmers.

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