Uncontrolled fire in Evia : Natural forest burns -There are over 220 firefighters [images & videos] update

The fire in Euboea is raging uncontrollably as it bursts into the early morning and burns a solid Natura pine forest, a wildlife refuge.

In fire attempt total 227 firefighters with 75 vehicles, 7 groups dismounted soldier, the Mobile Business Center “Olympus’, 6 A / F, 5 E / P, & 1E / P as a coordinator. Detailed ground forces: 139 firefighters with 67 vehicles, 7 hiker groups with 72 firefighters & 6 vehicles with 12 # firefighters ICT. and 10 District and Local Waterways.

Two villages in Evia ready for evacuation due to fire
A fire brigade suggested that the residents of Stavros and Kontodpati villages be gathered and ready to take preventive action if necessary, as flames are directed there as strong winds blow. The same thing happened in the morning with the settlement Makrymalli, where the residents gathered in the square, but there was no evacuation as it was not finally threatened. Only three monks were prevented from the monastery of Makrimmalis Panagia Theotokos, who also suffered nothing from the fire.

Strong winds make it difficult to put out the fire
At the same time, all of the officers on fire in Psachna, Evia, have a look at the direction and intensity of the wind. The winds are locally particularly strong, heading north and west, driving the flames into a virgin pine forest.

It is characteristic that the ground forces of the Fire Brigade and the Region of Central Greece that are concentrated in the area cannot offer anything more, as the fire is in a difficult area that they cannot reach. As for the strong air forces, they have a great deal of difficulty mainly from dense smoke, so they do not allow pilots to get too close to the hotspots for best results.

F. Spanos: We have a lot of work ahead of us
“Early in the morning we are fighting a real battle but its development depends mainly on the winds. When the winds fall, we see an effect. Unfortunately, however, we have a lot of work ahead of us as strong winds do not help us, “Evia’s deputy regional governor and new Central Greek regional governor Fani Spanos told RES. He also converges on the view that “precautionary measures in relation to the possibility of evacuation of villages should not sow panic, as they are precautionary measures and will be implemented if and when necessary.” At the same time, the fire forces are constantly increasing so that, when given the opportunity by the winds, they can coordinately restrict the destructive course of the fire.

On the spot forensic fire department
Finally, it is worth noting that the Fire Brigade is in the area early in the morning and has begun an investigation into the start of the fire as authorities in the area leave open the possibility of arson both at the time the fire broke out and at the spot. from where it started.

In Evia, the General Secretary of Civil Protection Nikos Chardalias
Shortly after 12:00 the General Secretariat for Civil Protection announced that SG Nikos Chardalias was traveling by helicopter to Psachna, Evia. Mr. Chardalias travels to Evia along with a member of the Emergency Planning and Management Department.


Image from the front of the fire in Evia / Photo: Eurokinissi

According to an update by the SG Civil Protection, Nikos Chardalias will land at the Municipal Trail Stadium. At the same time, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection activated the voluntary Civil Protection Teams in the area and announced that the forces fighting the fire fronts in Euboea would be immediately reinforced.

Fire truck a breath away from the fiery tongues / Photo: Eurokinissi
“Very serious fire”
Speaking on SKAI radio, the mayor of the area, George Psathas, spoke of “a very serious fire with” great food “as a pine forest burned at 3am”.

In the flames of solid pine forest / Photo: Eurokinissi

Evangelical Vice-Mayor Fani Spanos also spoke about “dangerous fire”, speaking to Real FM. “It is a large, dangerous and difficult fire that is in dense pine forest, far from residential areas, but on a large front and with alternating winds,” he said.

Thick smoke over the forest / Photo: Facebook @Chrysovalantis Vachos

Citizens’ Defense Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis is at the fire center since morning, where he is monitoring developments with Civil Protection Secretary-General Nikos Chardalia and fire chief Vassilis Matthiopoulos.

Photo: Facebook @ Mantoudi Evia

Locals and travellers post photos and videos of the fire that is burning Euboea.

Gepostet von Dimitra Gerogianni am Montag, 12. August 2019

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