Under control the fire in Lagonisi (Greek mainland south of Athens)

Fire in Lagonissi / Photo: paraktios.gr

Under control, shortly after 3 noon, the fire broke out in Laognissi and signaled an alarm in the Fire Brigade.

The fire that broke out at 12:30 am between Lagonissi and Kalyvia extended to low vegetation and pine trees and immediately signaled an alarm. At this point winds ranged from 4 to 5 beauforts. In fear of the worst it was ordered to evacuate 10 homes, which were close to the point where the fire broke out, although the tweet firefighting indicated that there was no danger to the dwellings.

In the battle with the flames, 30 firefighters with 11 vehicles, a hiking section, two fire brigades, a helicopter as well as groundwater vehicles of the Municipality of Saronikos were thrown, and after 2,5 hours they managed to put it under control. Fire forces had developed between the fire and the houses to prevent its spread. This time they remain at the point of fear of overturning. Mayor of Saronikos George Sofronis, shortly after 3 pm, said on a television channel that there is no longer any cause for concern.

For precautionary reasons, the Traffic Police has proceeded to emergency measures by deflecting traffic on Kalyvia and Anavyssos Avenues.

One person was attacked for the fire in Lagonissi
According to a SKAI report, the fire started by an old man who did some work. In fact, he himself appeared to admit that he was accidentally putting the fire when he was found by police officers to bring burns to his hands.


Source – iefimerida.gr 

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