Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian islands and is of particular geological interest. On the eastern side of the island and in the wider area of ​​Sami, there is a cave complex, where in many of them there are sections, flooded with brackish water. The diving team of Antonis Grafa visited Kefalonia in the summer of 2017 and in collaboration with the Aquatic Dive Center , laid the foundations for an extensive mission to film the caves and chasms of the area. 

Information about the cave Chryndoni-Sotira
The cave of Hirondon is very close to the village of Poulatas of Kefalonia and borders many other caves in the area. To reach Hiridoni you have to cross a rugged dirt road, enter a private area where you grazing goats and goats and descend a dirt sloping downhill road that requires an off-road vehicle. The descent for divers wishing to enter the water cave is through a difficult and painful journey, where the equipment can only be moved with a load of their own and the use of guide ropes. The section of the route from the car to the entrance of the cave is about 250 meters long, with a slope of land that often reaches 45-50 degrees and consists of loose soil, unstable stones and leaves. 

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