Unfortunately “FlyKefalonia” will not fly this season!

Due to the disruption that has been caused globally our launch has to be postponed.

The social and economic uncertainty caused by the Russian-Ukraine conflict along with the consequences in air spaces and travels block our vision to offer low price tickets in many direct flight routes to Kefalonia from all around Europe and UK.

New facts in aviation, such as longer flights, higher fuel costs, fewer planes, increased fare prices, make us unable to fulfil our corporate mission.

We will keep working until this storm pass and we will be ready to offer our routes and flights for the next season.

We are Re-setting our appointment for Spring Season 2023

Thank you all!


One thought on “Unfortunately “FlyKefalonia” will not fly this season!

  • March 18, 2022 at 8:47 am

    What I don´t understand: The numbers are going up again, but masks outside are abolished, we begin to discuss the abolition of vaccination certs from Easter and so on. Do I miss something?


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