Unknown object crashed into Northern Cyprus Causing Explosions

Strong explosions were heard Monday morning in the occupied Cyprus , north of Nicosia, as it crashed an undefined identity.

According to Reuters, a Turkish Cypriot official said it was an unmanned aircraft or missile, but there was no injury. Officials are examining the debris at the site of the crash, in the Pentadouchylos area (Turkish Cypriots are called Tashkent). According to Kudrid Izeris, the so-called Foreign Minister in the Occupied, it is not clear what the crash is due to.

“The first findings indicate that the object that caused the explosion was either an explosive aircraft, or an explosive. Labels and other debris will allow us to understand what happened soon. According to information I received from our military, the cause of the accident was not a helicopter or aircraft drop, “Ezersee said.

They link it to the war in Syria
According to the first estimates of the Turkish Cypriots, the subject may be related to the war in Syria, something that the Turkish Cypriot leader, Mustafa Akinzi, is targeting.

“It is obvious that this is not something that comes from our own territory. It is probably something related to the war in the region (Syria: Syria) and it fell to our territory, “he commented.

Source – iefimerida.gr 

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