Unrestricted movement to Crete, Rhodes and Corfu potentially from 18 May?

The government is reportedly considering free movement on three large islands that have low to minimal cases of coronavirus. These islands are Crete, Rhodes and Corfu and this decision is very likely to be implemented from next Monday.

“The government is studying the possibility of opening communication with three large islands that do not have a health problem, Crete, Rhodes and Corfu. There is a possibility from next Monday, access to these islands for everyone. ”

There are large and well-equipped hospitals on these islands, compared to other smaller islands that do not have such advanced health facilities.

On the issue of tourism, Mr. Mavridis stressed that Greece has done what it could. “We are waiting to hear what Europe will do.”

Lufthansa announced flights from Frankfurt to Athens on May 18

According to an announcement, the German airline Lufthansa will start flights from Frankfurt to Athens on May 18.

After two months, Lufthansa will resume flights and in addition to Frankfurt, flights from Munich will resume in May. In May, there will be flights to Mallorca, according to the main bulletin of Open. 

According to Lufthansa, from June it will start serving around 60 destinations all over Europe again. In fact, among the top destinations will be Crete and Mallorca.

According to the president of Lufthansa, “restaurants are opening in different countries, we feel the longing of people who want to travel.”

source -newsit.gr

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