Unrestricted travel to the Greek islands from either 25 May or 1 June


In three phases, the movement in the Greek islands will be released in the context of the lifting of measures for the coronavirus, in view of the tourist season.

According to an exclusive report by SKAI, free movement in the Greek islands is one of the main next steps in the process of gradually lifting the restrictive measures imposed due to coronavirus. 

First stage: Monday 11 May
Starting next Monday, May 11, it will be allowed to move to the islands people working to open businesses and substitute teachers either by ship or by plane. Employees in the private sector will need an employer’s certificate to travel. Specifically, with respect to travel outside prefecture, the undersecretary Nikos Chardalias, reiterated that they only allowed for supply reasons, health and occupational employment and if proved by the corresponding documents.

Second stage: Monday, May 18
The next date for the release of the movements is Monday, May 18, when workers in the field of tourism  will be able to go to the islands, always with a certificate from the employer. On the same day, the lifting of the ban on travel to the mainland also applies.

In more detail out of the province they can travel:

  • Go to and from work , certified by a relevant written certificate from the employer or other appropriate documents or, if it is a self-employed person, with a written statement of the same
  • Travel for health reasons certified by a relevant medical certificate
  • Go to a ceremony, funeral of first or second degree relatives certified by a written statement of the citizen
  • Separation of divorced parents or parents who are in the process of ensuring communication with their children certified by a written statement of the citizen
  • One-time transition to their place of permanent residence.

Third stage: June 1 or May 25
If all goes well, access to the country’s islands will be free for all from June 1, but the possibility of allowing it earlier remains on the table, with a possible date of May 25

It is noted that special measures for coastal shipping and transit to the islands are expected to be announced in the coming days by the Ministry of Shipping.

Source- iefimerida.gr 

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  • May 9, 2020 at 2:53 pm

    Do we presume that this only for people living on the mainland and not for foreign tourists?


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