Unvaccinated from Monday those who have not done a third dose in 7 months – Enter a mini lockdown

The time has begun to countdown for the vaccination certificate of the citizens who have not done the third “booster” dose of the vaccine for covid-19.

Specifically, after February 7 , as announced, the following will be considered unvaccinated: a) those who have not taken the third dose and 7 months have passed since the second dose, b) those who have received the single dose vaccine and three months have passed since then and c ) who have been ill and also three months have passed since then.

It is reminded that the vaccination certificate for the above cases would initially expire on February 1, however due to the bad weather “Hope” was given a short extension by the government.

Therefore, those who have not taken their booster dose by February 7th will be considered unvaccinated and will automatically lose the benefits of being vaccinated .

Where 7/2 of those who have not received the third installment will not have access
Therefore, according to the relevant JMC , those who have not had a third dose of vaccine by February 1, will not have access to:

  • nightclubs
  • indoor dining areas
  • theaters
  • cinemas
  • museums
  • conferences
  • gyms

Where they can access by PCR or rapid test
At the same time, the parts that will be allowed access with the demonstration of negative PCR or rapid test are the following:

  • retail stores
  • open (outdoor) dining areas
  • hairdressers
  • private and public workplaces
  • education
  • beauty service providers and others with related activities
  • places of worship

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