Upated thoughts from seismologist Akis Tselentis on recent earthquake sequence in Kefalonia

After the 4,8 Richter earthquake, the seismic series we have recorded is extremely incomplete with a maximum size of 2,5 richter and a minimum number of Richter when we should have an earthquake of four.

This means that there is a significant amount of energy that has not yet been released and which in the coming weeks may give us some powerful aftershocks.

I am not worried about the seismic size that kefalonia is structured with the most tightening regulations.

However, I am concerned about the transportation potential, that is, the risk of being lost after a strong clearance at points of traffic such as this area where dozens of cars pass because poros is the only port of the island that connects it with the rest of Greece.

It is therefore necessary for services to check the slopes and drivers to pay the appropriate attention and especially if they perceive dust clouds in the slopes to stop their vehicles.

Kefalonia is an island with intense seismic processes that are expressed in the form of earthquakes and even powerful, due to its great beauty, its beautiful coasts, its mountains, its canyons.

Now that the road network of the island has almost been completed, we should turn to the detection of areas where the risk of landslides is high and we should intervene something similar that happened on argostoli fiskardo where the slopes that were considered dangerous were covered with mesh and especially ankyrídia.

On What further needs to be done for the earthquake armour of the island and its infrastructure I will come back with my post in the near future.

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