Update from the Press Office of the Municipality of Lixouri

From early morning in contact with the Mayor of Lixouri k. Georgios Katsivelis, with the MP of Kefalonia-Ithaca K. Kappatou and the Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands, Mrs. Kratsa, has requested Lixouri to be declared in a state of emergency due to the multiple and incalculable disasters caused by the extreme weather.
It is necessary to stay in their homes, since large trees have been ripped out, rural and municipal roads make it impossible to access and move vehicles, power and telecommunications cables are cut, etc
All municipality workers as well as from the early morning hours of individuals with machines remove trees and intervene with the road network where requested.
Until this moment none of our fellow people, at the limits of the Municipality of Lixouri, have been in danger!!!!
Restoration of electricity and therefore telecommunications is not possible for today.
HEDNO is ready, once the unprecedented and extreme weather phenomena are over, to restore the damage.
The Mayor of Lixouriou warmly calls on all citizens to stay safe in their homes.

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