Update on baby Monk seal found at Makris Gialos beach

Yesterday was a very special day for the Wildlife Sense Team.
We got a call about a monk seal pup that had been washed up on one of our nesting beaches. As we arrived there the pup was very tired and dehydrated, so we got help from the local veterinarian Spyridoula Vavasi and stayed in contact with the MOm – The Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk Seal during the treatment.
 The pup luckily got very lively and active after the treatment. So MOm had to make the very difficult decision to take the pup to their rescue center where they can care for him until he’s big enough and ready to return to the sea. 
The Mediterranean Monk Seal (monachus monachus) is the rarest seal specie and one of the most critically endangered animals on earth with less than 700 individuals left worldwide.
That’s why we are very grateful that we had the opportunity to help this little baby boy to hopefully survive.
Here at Wildlife Sense we do not only care about turtles. 
Source – FB post of wildlife sense kefalonia

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