Update on Kefalonia 4.8 – 5.1r earthquake (04:52) by seismologists

Akis Tselentis (Professor of Seismology at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens) comments 

It happened near Poros and because the focal depth is small about nine kilometers we have to wait to see if its the final shock since we have filled it with instruments and we don’t miss anything good day.

Because we don’t have a sufficient number of “shocks” when we should have because of the small focal depth we have to keep aware, the area is well structured and has no problem with such sizes even with much bigger but the slopes are steep we may have rocks that move.

You can watch here what our station writes in Valsamata in real time


Unfortunately as you can see we don’t have the aftershocks we are waiting for we have to wait a while to see how the phenomenon turns out.

The positive thing is that historically, this one has not given us more than five I am referring to this area we end up that it but we expect a strong aftershock even four and a half that is all the “seismic” energy that did not come out to come out.

But I have to say something else since the earthquake took place, the Secretary-General of Civil Protection has impressed me for his huge sense of responsibility and initiating and mobilising civil protection in the area.

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