Update on Latest storm “Epatia”

 The course of the weather in Western Greece

The new wave of bad weather under the name “Hypatia” is underway, which affects Western Greece.  

Features of the new wave of bad weather that will last until Thursday, the local showers (which could cause and floods, surge torrents level or rivers in central and southern mainland or landslides) and high winds.

However, the southwest winds will also have a remarkable rise in temperature with mercury rising to 13 to 14 degrees Celsius.

From Thursday on, the extreme events of the last 10 days appear to be significantly reduced.

In its letter, the Independent Directorate of Civil Protection of the Region of Western Greece says: “We kindly services, who are involved in projects and actions to address risks from severe weather, to take the necessary steps within their powers under the relevant circulars of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection and their respective design “.


For western Greece this morning is expected rains and locally strong storms starting from Epirus and the northern Ionian, phenomena that until late morning will have extended to all the west.

According to the amateur meteorologist Nicola Sereti, heavy snowfall is expected in all mountainous as well as early in the morning, and in areas of Epirus with a lower altitude (eg Ioannina), where the cold still remaining entangled will prevent the arrival of phenomena.

Continuation of bad weather on Thursday with heavy rainfall at all times in the west as well as heavy snowfall in the mountainous regions.

Substantial improvement of weather from Friday’s pre-night hours.

Strong western-southwest winds in the Ionian Sea that will reach 7-8 and 9bf in the south of the sea.

The phenomena originally in the west and from afternoon gradually to the rest of the places will be intense. The winds will blow south southwest 4 to 6 and gradually from the west 7 and locally to the sea 8-9 beaufort.

On Thursday, clouds are temporarily elevated with local rains, especially in the western, southern and eastern Aegean, where sporadic storms will also occur, especially in sea and coastal areas. Snowfall will occur on the mainland and the hills of the northern country.

The winds will blow to the west from west directions 4 to 6 beaufort, to the east southwest 5 to 7 in the Aegean locally 8 Beauforts with weakness from afternoon.


source- patra.com

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