Update on the drive by shooting in Zakynthos

His wife was a businessman and maintained rooms for rent on the island

For criminal cases had been arrested previously by the authorities , 53 man , who is hospitalized badly injured in hospital after mafia attack suffered along with the 37-year old woman who fell dead from bullets .

The 53-year-old was charged with drug trafficking and pimping and had served a prison sentence. According to police sources, he was released in 2014 and has not been employed by the authorities since. His wife, who died, was a businesswoman in the Municipality of Laganas . It is reported that she had rooms for rent and a car rental company .

It is recalled that the mafia attack against the couple took place at Agios Sostis in the area of ​​Lithakia.

The couple were driving when at 14:45 they were approached by a motorcycle with two riders. The couple received a “rain” of fire from the two men. The 37-year-old woman fell dead, while the man (driver of the motorcycle) received three bullets and was seriously injured. After the attack, he continued to move for a few meters, handed over his motorcycle to a friend of Albanian origin, and then waited for the ambulance injured.

The perpetrators are described as “tall and short”, wearing dark uniforms. After the mafia execution, they fled. The driver of the motorcycle, a partner of the 37-year-old, is being treated in critical condition at the hospital of Zakynthos and is expected to be transported by helicopter to Athens .  

A large police mobilization is underway on the island so that the perpetrators do not manage to leave with any of the ships on the line. For this reason, the inspections in the port of the island will be intensive in the coming days. 

source -ethnos.gr

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