Update on the fire at Kounopetra from municipality of Lixouri

Shortly after 3 p.m. A fire broke out in the area of ​​Kounopetra, from Mania to Metochi. 

A fire that reached the yards of the houses.

 The increased forces of the Fire Brigade that responded immediately, both of the men of the Lixouri team and of the Fire Service of Kefalonia, as well as of the aerial firefighting means and the coordination of the Commander of the Fire Brigade of Kefalonia under the command of Brigadier General blowing in the area, shortly after 5.30 in the afternoon.

In the first line of the fire from the first minutes was the Mayor Mr. G. Katsivelis, Mrs. El. Dion.Loukeris (advisor to the Mayor), the forces of Civil Protection with the water tanks and the machines of our Municipality, the EOD of Paliki and the Police Department of Paliki.

Informatively, we mention that in the previous period, cleaning and fire protection works had preceded in many parts of Paliki, with the result that today the access of the Firefighting vehicles becomes immediately without obstacles and the worst is recruited.

At the moment, the Hiking Department of the Police is at the scene.

source – Δήμος Ληξουρίου

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