Update on the fire at the landfill and request for citizen support regarding waste disposal (video at site)

The fire that broke out on Saturday afternoon at the site of the foundry has been brought under control after the assistance of the Fire Service and the employees of EDAKI. 

I am here with all the employees from the first moment and I will leave only when the site of the foundry is completely restored. The causes of the fire will be properly investigated.

B cell will be closed for several days because it is the only appropriate way to restore the space faster and avoid re-ignition of material. The most important thing in the current phase is to completely dissolve the cloud which due to the direction of the wind was directed to residential areas of the island. 

As far as we are concerned, we apologize to the society for the bad situation that has been created and we promise that the restoration of the foundry will be done as soon as possible.

However, due to the impossibility of using the landfill, we ask the dear citizens not to place the household waste in the bins and the professionals to bale the packages of the shops so that they do not occupy a large volume. Until we return to the normal waste collection flow, we warmly ask for their assistance. 

From our side we promise you to do the impossible so that this difficult situation will soon be a thing of the past. We will inform you about the course of the situation with regular announcements.

Argyris Gavrielatos
President EDAKI SA – Local Government

source – lixouri.gr

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