Update on work at Koutavos lagoon and Ancient Krani

F A R O S *
Up to now Faros, with the assistance of the Municipality of Argostoli, have already started doing voluntary work cleaning the area of Koutavos and the next step will be the procedure of establishing the coastal zone.
Our next step will will be the improvement of the area at Likiardopoulata by setting up a theater area.
In Koutavos we should start with more walking paths , more benches, more plants, more lights, toilets and fire prevention equipment.
The Management of National Forest of Enos, together with the Ornithological Association and the UNESCO, among other things, will help with the construction of nests inside the park of Koutavos and the area around the park.

ANCIENT KRANI : A plan has been made by the Arheological Service for a wooden path so people can enter the area with safety. The Archeological Service also plans to give more information to the public about the history of the area. A lot of bushes need to be cut inside the castle and along the walls of this historic place. Respect to the area must also be observed.
The Faros of Argostoli keeps in touch with artists and associations for the cultural development of Koutavos and the area around it. At the end of July 2020 our program of these cultural activities will be ready.
Koutavos belongs to all citizens! We are asking you to join us and to give us a hand in order to accomplish our cultural dreams. Our children will be grateful to us for what we have been doing.


source – FB post Φάρος Τοπική κίνηση πολιτών

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